“Your brand name should be the greatest short story ever told.”

 Canon Wing

We see 5000 ads a day. We are all PROFESSIONAL deleters. Get the name that compels them to dive in, not delete.

Your brand’s anthem. The refrain that becomes a motto for their life, a trusted voice in their head, a call to action every time they repeat it.

A powerful branding landmark, your logo is the flag of your brand. Your logo can become the symbol people wear on their body to express their identity as a member of your community.

We create the architecture of your brand’s identity. When we perfectly match your brand’s promise to the deepest wish your ideal individuals have for their greater future, then each of your products and services will be that life changing event in the story of their success. This is what creates brand loyalty and BRAND LOYALTY IS YOUR BUSINESS PLAN


Be everywhere they want you to be. We create a branded, consistent, and compelling sharing cycle with our Viral Social Stacking system.


Develop your brand through Canon’s expertise provided in classes, seminars, workshops, online and downloadable digital publications & articles, and online (non-downloadable) videos featuring instruction on writing and freelancing.