A name is a call to a greater future. The only reason we buy anything is that it promises us a greater future.

Naming is our Survival Instinct as humans.
Naming is our path to a greater future.

 A name is so powerful it’s essential for our survival. If you are not taking naming this seriously then you are missing out on your birthright. You’re missing out on the secret power of putting your thoughts into another human’s heart – into the hearts of millions. Snap yourself out of the haze of name candidates and into the power of naming.

There has never been a civilization ever found in all of humanity that didn’t name everything in their environment in order to thrive.

The 4 Attractions of a Name Worth Millions

1. Emotion   2. A Wish Fulfilled   3. Memorable   4. New But Familiar

Consider names I’ve created for Entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 Companies alike: Good Virtues, Flipz Pretzels, and recently OpeningLife.com

Can you see how each of these names hit all four attractions?

The 4 Pillars of the Naming Process

1. Consultation   2. Creation   3. Crystallization   4. Choice

Now that you know what it takes to find the perfect name for your business, the next obvious step it to get started. Are you ready?