Logos are visual story telling. When you consider the importance of Logos and how embedded they are in our psychology consider your country’s flag, your dream car, the designer jeans or sneakers you just had to wear when you were a kid. Logos are the VIP pass, the emblem of a culture. Logos say: “I am Apple. Not a PC.” When done right logos become a thing to own, an object for your customers to experience the pride of ownership. It’s a powerful way to sell products. If your name and logo look great on a T-shirt you can have people walking round advertising for you!



Simple Color Scheme

Many Are Font-Based Without An Image

Many Appear As A Stamp Or Seal Of Authenticity; Stamp Of Approval; Stamp Of Entry

Streamlines Images. Nothing fanciful or complex

Images Represent Movement Of Energy


Already legendary icon, by which Apple company is recognized and appreciated throughout the world. Apple logo is symbol with history, shortly explained in Discover How To Create An Affordable Logo Design article.


BMW logo at first glance gives the impression of elegance. It consists of a circle which is divided into four parts correctly. Looking at the logo as a whole, made up of icons, simple fonts and simple pure colors make it very attractive, elegant and distinctive.


Blue color, where the blue color means excellence, calmness, and prosperity, while the red color means business responsibility.


One of the most famous logos, and products in the world. Classical calligraphy on a simple red background have not changed in years. The color red usually symbolizes strength and energy. This simple and unchanged design have helped Coca Cola over the years, to become one of the most recognizable brands in the world.


This logo is actually a stylized signature of Walt Disney himself – the founder of the empire. This logo gives a message and presents the company as a special, fun, and of course amazing.


The basic shape of the logo remained the same for years, while the background color changed from black to blue as it is today. White traces the circle and font letters “GE” give the impression of speed and dynamism with elegance and established balance of elements.


One of the most recognizable brands in the world, their whole visual identity is established “only” in bold letters. The logo is very well known and recognized among customers worldwide.


Simplicity, flexibility and attraction, all in one. Flexibility of Google’s logo has enabled the company to combine the logo of the popular Google drawings that are sometimes really works of art. On the Internet we can find a collection of all Google’s drawing to date.


Using simple letters and dark blue colors, HP gives the impression of elegance, sophistication and simplicity.


One of the most popular in the automotive industry is the Honda logo representing confidence and durability. On this logo, the word Honda is placed below the “H” in roman style giving it a simple and attractive look.


Simple, recognizable and memorable logo. The lines that make up the letters symbolize the speed and dynamics, and the color blue is a protective color of the brand.


The light blue color used by Intel creates the impression of power and domination of the area where it is situated. Circle the name symbolizes the whole range that the company offers in the relevant business.


The Louis Vuitton logo (also known as LV monogram) is a custom handmade typeface, was first introduced in 1896. It’s a basically a Japanese-inspired flower motif, memorable logo representing luxury, brilliance and indulgence.


Another one of the most recognizable logos – McDonald’s. Their combination of red and yellow safe “trigger” for the appetite. Along with the color combination, the letter “M” that dominates is made of soft arches logo and make a unique and elegant.


Mercedes logo is certainly one of the most recognizable, at least for the auto industry. Star with three branches represent Mercedes dominance in the production of vehicles for land, air and water. Metallic silver color represents the entire Mercedes sophisticated corporate identity. Typography is easy and pleasant to the eye, but also reflects the company’s image with character.


The current logo of Microsoft has been adopted back in 1987. Helvetica bold and italicized symbolizes the company as the dominant manufacturer of operating systems and applications in the world.


Practically this logo borrowed the Nestle Logo format as mother company. Nescafe logo is the same since its origin, and is a combination of the first three letters of Nestlé and cafe.


The Oracle logo is created using a simple and clean style of typography, and using one of the primary color.


This logo is different from the others based on two main features, the rotated emblem, producing a sense of dynamic tension, and the name “Samsung” bleeds out of the mark. Samsung Logo is using blue color, as color of reliability and commitment.


Toyota’s logo, consists of three elongated ellipses that represent the company. Their logo is also simple and their appearance inspires trust, as well as the global reach of the company. The name “Toyota” is written in a simple and readable font.