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January 10, 2022

What Is The #1 Brand Necessity for Success

I just love people who are into the science of success, so welcome. Today we are answering the question on everyone’s mind, What Is The #1 Branding Necessity?

Catalytic Action is the number one key ingredient that is the most lacking in Branding Formulas. Catalytic acting is creative by definition and Branding Formulas are often lacking a true catalyst. So that you may create any positive, forward moving, market resonance. Let alone, brand defining presence and industry influence. You must break any formula through your creativity expressed through catalytic action.

A deep desire to contribute through your entrepreneurial enterprise is the spark from which the brand must be born. Brands are not born from lukewarm feelings, from scarcity, from isolationism. Jobs can be born that way, and often when they are the last decades before we wake up from the stupor brought on by a slippery slope of second guessing your dreams.

I’m not saying that your deep desire to contribute must come from rainbows and butterflies following your every poetic thought. I am saying that all who succeed in any culture get off to a rocky start, their spark is from friction, and all pass through heart wrenching challenges, soul crushing failures, shocks, and uncertainties before they break through into their catalytic action.

It is these heart wrenching challenges that ignite our imagination and our imagination creates the greater future our brand could promise… then it’s Catalytic Action that is ignited in the heat of the crisis, the challenge, the rising action of the movie, yes?

Consider Charles Dickens, one of the truly marvelous writers, all born from the heart wrenching tragedy of his first love. Before that, he was putting labels on pots! Helen Keller became deaf, then dumb, then blind when she was just a baby. It was her challenge that sent her into her imagination, imagining ways to improve her world, and her catalytic actions that did more than even that previously unimagined feat… she is an everlasting symbol to all of humanity, of perseverance, an icon of the truth that you are never worthless unless you say so.

Beethoven went Deaf, Milton Blind, all became successful, enduring, legends of the power of Catalytic Action.

Now Catalytic Action is not the #1 Branding necessity, because catalytic action with no clear direction is a well paved road to failure, destruction, addictions, and despair.  

So what is the #1 Brand Necessity for Success?

No one on this earth is ever ready, completely ready for anything until first, the person believes, truly believes it can happen, be acquired, be achieved, be true, be right, work, be trusted… Hope marketing, hope branding, hope they like it, hope they like my work, hope they like me… hope is not a necessity. Belief is a mindset. Belief becomes a state of being, Belief becomes our identity. When your brand seeks to earn their belief in your brand’s promise you are in the imagination stage.

Instill a belief in the greater future your brand promises. That is the #1 branding Necessity for Success. All of your imagination and all of your catalytic actions must seek to provide this belief, this constant Polaris to be a successful brand.

Here are some examples to inspire your branding:

For more information click the link and you’ll get exactly how to instill a belief in your brand just like these Fortune 100 Brands are doing.

Ok… Here’s a game:  if you can easily name the belief these are instilling with their branding, hit the subscribe button if you know most, hit the bell if you think you can name the belief for all of them, put them in the comments below you deserve gold stars!!!!  Let’s see if you’re picking up what I’m laying down.

Ready… Hands over the Mouse ready to click… and Go


Maybe it’s natural Maybe it’s Maybelline

Because you’re worth it.

Ironman Marathon

Best Buy

The Ultimate Driving Machine

Must Watch TV

Simple Human




Be All That You Can Be

Campbell’s Soup: M’m! M’m! Good!

I thought I’d end with an easy one. That’s a pretty clear belief. They are instilling the belief that their soup tastes M’m! M’m! Good! And you know. Last time I had a cold and was in bed and having my tomato soup, I said to my puppy dogs, in my scratchy voice M’m! M’m! Good!

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