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January 10, 2022

Top 5 Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship

Today, we are answering the question on every Entrepreneur’s mind: What are the most impactful pros and cons of entrepreneurship to consider in 2021?

So let’s just jump right in, right now with the Top 5 Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship. For today’s blog post, I am going to give you Number 5, and I highly recommend you check out the episode to hear the other four.

So here it is, number 5 of the top 5 Pros and Cons:

PRO: You Can Make Your Own Schedule.

CON: A Less Structured Schedule Can Mean Less Accountability

Yay! This is already a BIG one, right? And it isn’t even Number One. Entrepreneurs are free. That’s a common perception anyway, isn’t it? That once you don’t work for someone else, then your time is your own, and you know what? Yeah, it’s true for the most part—and it is pretty sweet!

You see, there’s a streak of rebellion—a certain edge that every entrepreneur has. An Entrepreneur’s mind is always searching. We are observant and curious. We know how to roll with the punches, and we don’t like being told how to live.

It’s this rebellious quality that keeps us questioning the norms, and uncovering exciting new innovations. We love our inner rebel, and we are proud of the way we resist being tethered to someone else’s desk chair. We don’t want to tame our inner rebel, but it’s also our rebellious nature that can get us caught up in poor time management, lower our productivity levels, and lead us into the void of procrastination.

But hey, there’s a flip side to every coin, right? And while the upside is that there’s no one telling you what time you have to be at work, the downside is—that no one tells you what time you have to be at work.

Our rebellious nature keeps us fresh, keeps us curious, and allows us to keep our cool, not take life too seriously. But where it can start to work against us, is when we stop taking OURSELVES seriously.

It can feel awesome to rebel against the cultural conditioning of having a work schedule that is determined by someone else. But when we start rebelling against the schedules we put in place for ourselves—that’s when our entrepreneurial freedom stops feeling so free.

If this sounds like you, or this is something you are currently experiencing, or even if this is something you are concerned about happening to you in the future, then I suggest that you IMMEDIATELY—Raise the Stakes!

Answer this question: What is your BIG WHY?

It’s not to just be successful, okay? Or merely to make money. Those things are nice, but they are just the byproducts of fulfilling your Big Why.

When you take yourself seriously, there is no such thing as lowered accountability. Bottom line: You have an idea that will make millions of people’s lives better. Are you just going to sit on it, get around to it tomorrow, or are you going to assume accountability for the happiness of these people who are going to leap at the opportunity to GIVE YOU THEIR MONEY in exchange for the products or services you’ve created to help them live into their greater futures? How long are you willing to let these people wait?

The work of an Entrepreneur—It’s a labor of love. That’s the real freedom you have as an Entrepreneur. The freedom to Love What You Do and Love How You Do It.

Yes, Entrepreneurs are free to decide when they want to work, and when they want to play. But any Entrepreneur, such as yourself, who is determined to Come Out of Nowhere in 2021 can tell you from experience that being free doesn’t mean you have more free time. What it does mean, however, is that no one but you has the right to set a price for the value of your time.

Take yourself seriously, and take your Big Why seriously. Entrepreneurs are experts in human happiness, and when you raise the stakes it’s not hard to see that even though you may not have to answer to any one person, you are still meant to fulfill a calling that will ultimately better the lives of millions of people.

So you just keep right on rebelling against those societally imposed norms— I want to hear your rebel yell! Just be aware that you’re not rebelling against your own progress, because millions of people ARE depending on you, even if they don’t know it yet.

What matters most right now is that YOU know it, and I know you do…You can feel it, or else you wouldn’t be here.

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