Written by Canon Wing

I teach entrepreneurs and organizations the proven action steps to stand out within their market, improve the perceived value of their business, and better connect with their audience through naming, branding, storytelling, and communication platforms.

January 21, 2022

Should I Quit My Job? My Business Idea Is Calling Me

What is this clarity of concept? This is something you need to know inside and out so you know what to do before quitting your job. There is a universal truth that governs all sales, branding, marketing, political campaigns, advertising, gosh commerce at large. If you can bring people to believe in one clarity, they will have no choice but to buy it, not because you left them no choice but because they believe that your choice is the only real choice.

So what is the one clarity, that once believed in, they have no choice but to buy?

The Unique Opportunity is the key to their Unique Goal and it’s only attainable through My Unique Path. (System/Product/Course, Service, Book, etc.)

If you’re asking yourself how can the “unique opportunity” be the key to their unique goal, it’s through the benefits your Unique Path Provides. Simply put it helps them better than other choices.

Let’s start with filling in their Unique Goal- This must be a transformation with benefits, right? Is it to improve their physical health, social abilities, dating life, cleaning power, mental stability, communication skills, business acumen, focus, financial planning, design skills.

It can also be a transformation in the reverse direction: the elimination of the unwanted parts of their life. Is their Unique Goal to eliminate or lessen the negative effects of let’s say allergies, crooked teeth, wasted food, their carbon footprint, social anxiety, clutter in the home…

So their Unique Goal can bring them more pleasure, or their Unique Goal can be to eliminate or to lessen the pain they are suffering from.

Now in order to really know what to do before quitting your job – let’s go a step back to the Unique Opportunity. Here’s where the Business Idea Breakdown throws your idea against the rocks to see if it can swim. If you can not identify the Unique Opportunity, then your idea isn’t unique and more importantly, there is a real reason why your idea isn’t unique. Either it has been done a million times and you will be entering into a very competitive space, or it has been done and proved to have an audience that is too small for this to be a successful business model.

If your business idea is truly unique and no one has done it or tested it or succeeded at it yet, it’s a truly unique opportunity then your idea is good right? Then you know exactly what to do before quitting your job.

This is where most entrepreneurs stop thinking about the longevity of their business, quit their jobs before they even try it out, and jump in half-blinded. This is where you can get caught up thinking about your own cleverness and forget about the most important part: Clarity. To learn more about clarity of concept, and it can help you get closer to quitting your job and launching your brand, watch the full episode now!

Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope this has helped you define if your business idea is ready, yet. It has been such a pleasure speaking to fellow entrepreneurs about how to take your idea and transform it into the kind of revenue that supports you not only financially, but in your ability to Love What You Do, and Love How You Do It.