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June 17, 2021

How To Name A Business

Today, we’re answering the question How To Name A Business – And we’re going to discuss why infusing your brand with enthusiasm is the secret ingredient to keep your customers coming back for more. To jumpstart your progress, I’m going to share with you Three Ways to Infuse and Enthuse, with your brand’s naming architecture, so your brand can Come Out Of Nowhere, and be an Inspiration to Millions.

When was the last time you saw an ad publicizing the release date for the new Air Jordans? You don’t see it advertised, because Nike doesn’t need to advertise it; their enthusiastic customers advertise it for Nike, by lining up around the block the night before. 

These customers have become fans. 

Maybe you would argue, “They aren’t exactly fans of Nike, though. They’re fans of Michael Jordan.”  Okay. It’s fair enough to say the shoes are named after one of the best basketball players of all time… the name Micheal Jordan has become a brand and a symbol of athletic greatness. Yes.  Consider this:  Michael Jordan has been retired for almost 20 years, and these sneaker fans include millions of millennials. What’s kept Air Jordans on Bball courts all over this beautiful world we share so many years after Michael Jordan’s retirement?  The answer is Brand Enthusiasm.   

Over two decades ago, Michael Jordan’s legacy created an enthusiastic brand story around being the best. Today, that story is still alive and well. Why? Because Enthusiasm is contagious. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson once observed “Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success…Nothing great was ever achieved without Enthusiasm.”

With that in mind, let’s take a quick peek at the science of Enthusiasm.

MRI Neuroimaging has proven that consumers primarily use emotions when they’re deciding what to buy.  These studies focused on determining Why We Buy, and have been conducted again and again over the past ten years by Universities worldwide. From Harvard to Oxford to the University of Glasgow, the results are unanimous: The decision to buy is emotional. It’s always Emotional.

Now, there’s this relatively new discovery in brain science that has the scientific community all abuzz: Epigenetics. 

For a century, scientists believed that the human mind was unchangeable, and entirely at the mercy of our genes; that we all just have to play whatever hand we were dealt at birth. 

Turns out, that is not exactly right.

Now we know, the human brain alters its structure, cells, chemistry… you name it, all as a direct result of everything we do, experience, think and believe.  Even the brand names we repeat over and over and love every time we use the products and see the brand name.

Here’s where it gets so good: Further research revealed Enthusiasm as the key emotion that triggers the newest neural activity. 

No other emotion cuts away from the usual almost rutted pathways of the brain to forge new neural connections more dramatically than Enthusiasm.

It’s now a scientific fact that no other emotion has the power to literally change a person’s mind more effectively than Enthusiasm. 

Enthusiasm is catchy! I used to explain to people that I wish I was cool, I look like I am but I’m not.  I’m enthusiastic and enthusiasm draws people to you, or your brand… making you look very popular because indeed if it weren’t for my enthusiasm I’d have grown up a wallflower. I’ve never been so grateful that I’m not cool, I just like things.

So, now that we’re inspired by the sage wisdom of Emerson, and reinforced with irrefutable scientific proof, let’s dive right in together and discuss 

The Three Ways to Infuse and Enthuse your ideal individuals through your brand name

They are Clear Values, Customer Appreciation, and Creative Connections.

Number One: Clear Values

A brand has the ability to take our pursuits, our purpose, our passions, and make them bigger than our small private world. Your business has the ability to reach out to more people and connect with them on a personal level than any one person with a dynamite idea or stellar product ever could. These are the far-reaching positive ripples of this branding power.

But remember, as an entrepreneur or a brand manager,  you’re still the one who creates the first ripple. You decide what emotion goes into the sea of consumers. You’re the initiating energy, the source.

The ingredients you infuse into your brand will determine the effect your business has on others. Does that sound like a lot of responsibility? It is! And as with all great responsibility, tremendous privilege awaits those who know How To Name A Business using the power of enthusiasm to infuse their brand with clear and unwavering values.

Now we know, the decision to buy is ALWAYS an emotional decision. No one is ever just exchanging money for goods and services. The exchange is emotional. It’s energetic. There’s a promise involved, a trust. Exchanging Enthusiasm will generate more Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is catchy! So the very short answer to the question How To Name A Business — is to create a name that your ideal individuals would be most enthusiastic about. 

When you create your brand’s core values, so they are clearly defined this acts as a filter for name creations. An all-natural toothpaste will not inspire enthusiasm in its ideal individuals with a name like Rocket Fueled as it goes against their core values. But that name would inspire enthusiasm in products like Training Wheels for Children’s bikes, or a new delivery service, or even a cool nail polish. Can you feel how aligning the emotional experience of saying the name with the cherished values and ethics of your ideal individuals is exactly How To Name A Business?

Fans are defined by their Enthusiasm! 

The roaring crowd, the cheering from the stadium, nosebleed seats, the delicious chaos of a dance floor, the line around the Nike store that goes all the way around the block at midnight… all brand experiences infused with contagious, reverberating, Enthusiasm.

This is Brand Loyalty, and no matter what business you’re in, Brand Loyalty is your business plan!

Number 2: How To Name A Business by inspiring Brand Loyalty 

Whenever famous athletes, actors, and musicians accept an award, they almost always thank the fans either first or last. They say “Without you guys, I wouldn’t be here.” We’ve heard that line a thousand times…because it’s true.

Without fans, there’s no game. Without your brand community’s enthusiasm, there is no brand growth.

Sports fans that support their hometown teams are fiercely loyal. Even when their teams have a rough season, the hometown fans remain loyal and supportive. These diehard fans stay loyal, not because their team never loses a game, but because of what their team represents: Their Hometown. 

Hometown loyalty is hard to temper because it is reinforced with shared values and ethics.

Names like Geek Squad, Pep Boys, The Genius Bar, Ironman, Covergirl, Bank Of America, The Three Musketeers, Free People. 

Can you see How To Name A Business in such a way it names the identity of your community or the individuals in the community like Ironman and CoverGirl do so well? When you find your tribe of people who share your values and ethics you’ve found your “Home” the place where you are supported and free to be excited to try new things and grow into your greater future. You can be enthusiastic about it because the whole community is enthusiastic about it and we all are enthusiastic about belonging to a group. It is our deepest need to be communal, and not isolated. 

A community is formed through a shared enthusiasm of values and ethics. A community is the result you are after, when you name a brand. Because Brand Loyalty is your business plan.

3. How to Name A Business by Creating Connections

Funny guy and current host of The Late Show, Jimmy Fallon, has been named ‘the most enthusiastic person in showbiz.”  And while Jimmy is undoubtedly talented, a great deal of his success is widely attributed to his Enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is an energetic power. 

His closest friends have attested that Jimmy never seems to tire of interacting with his fans. He never shies away from stepping out in public, because he feels good about giving his fans the opportunity to be acknowledged and appreciated by him. 

He exchanges Enthusiasm with his fans, and his fan base continues to grow, one person at a time. Your brand can do the same. Jimmy must know the secret to life… sharing enthusiasm never drains you, it only feeds you positive energy.

When asking yourself How To Name A Business ask yourself: What lights my audience up? What is the wish they all share that my business can fulfill?  Names that express a wish fulfilled are Cruise Control, Keynote, Instagram, Ford Mustang, The Art Of Manliness shaving club, the wonderful youtube channel Women of Impact, For all of you who are writing a book, Here are some book titles that are based on a wish-fulfilled:  Who’s got your back by Keith Ferrazzi, the 4 hour workweek by Tim Ferris, the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, Car Mechanics for Dummies. 

The Business name connects people with the brand promise to fulfill a deep wish, and this creates a very personal connection between your business and your brand community. Consider how much you love the first person who believed in you and helped you accomplish your first big wish as a child. For many, it’s a parent, for some a teacher or a friend. But they remember their name, the way they made them feel and they have an undying admiration and connection with the one who made their wish come true. This bonding ritual stays true throughout our whole life. You decided to create this business, to connect with the world in a meaningful way. Start with How To Name A Business for them, fulfill their wish, name their community, inspire their enthusiasm, share their values and ethics. 

Let’s recap how To Name A Business with the Three Ways to Infuse and Enthuse, so your brand can Come Out of Nowhere and be an Inspiration to Millions.

They are: Clear Values, Customer Appreciation, and Create Connections.

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