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January 10, 2022

Get Testimonials That Compel Them To Buy

Today we’re answering the question on every Entrepreneur’s mind: How To Get Great Testimonials?

Testimonials are so powerful because they provide social proof of your work, allow others to brag about you without you having to sell yourself at all, serve as examples of the breadth and depth of your work, share your results, over time the testimonials can be updated to show the impact of your work as it grows and grows for them. For example, I named an Improv Comedy Camp Camp Improv Utopia and on the testimonial, he’s just starting out. He’s in his kitchen and since then he’s opened four locations, sold tons of merch with the name on it, and keeps building his community.

There are 4 Types Of Great Testimonials:  Character, Expert, User Experience, and Value Testimonials. 

For today’s blog post, let’s take a closer look at Character Testimonials, and be sure to watch the full episode to learn more about all four testimonial types, as well as obtain a list of creative names for presenting testimonials to your community. 

Character Testimonials:

These testimonials are all about the enjoyment they had working with you personally, as opposed to being focused on results. These can overcome many obstacles to buy, such as Am I Ready? Can I Do This? Is this the right person to choose as a mentor – for information marketers, or Is this product going to work for me? People often choose bigger-ticket items based on their personal interaction with you, rather than the price. If they like you they will hire you.

To get a Character Testimonial that praises you for your personality, your approach, your insights, your teaching skills, ask your client specifically:

  • What was your experience with BRAND NAME’s personal attention?
  • How would you describe NAME as a partner on this project?
  • What did you enjoy most about your relationship with NAME?

 To learn about the next 3 testimonial types, and how to present them to your clients to get the utmost in quality and effectiveness, be sure to check out the full episode now!

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