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April 7, 2022

[CASE STUDY: BITCOIN] The Social Function Behind the Currency

Today we are answering the question on every Entrepreneur’s mind: How do I grow my brand’s community?

So many people are wondering why Bitcoin is rising. Well, it’s because Bitcoin is more than just a currency. It’s become an obsession for a community of people who want to feel like they are disrupting the system, breaking the mold, defying the status quo….And it isn’t just Bitcoin that’s seeing massive growth in popularity! It’s all of them! Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin—each of these cryptocurrencies are currently worth ten of billions of dollars,  okay? That’s billions, with a B.

That seems pretty wild when you step back and consider that the true value of cryptocurrency is similar to the true value of a luxury handbag, right? It’s a perceived value—it lives only in the mind.

And more and more cryptocurrencies are emerging every week:

Major brands such as Kodak, who recently announced it would be rolling out its own cryptocurrency: Kodakcoin

All the way to the absurd, with devotees of the actor Nicolas Cage loading up on Cagecoins.

There is an entirely new cyber-world that is forming right now, where the cryptocurrency you use says something about who you are and what you stand for.

Instead of Capital One’s tagline, “What’s In Your Wallet,” it’s cryptocurrency saying, “What’s In Your Cyberwallet,” right? Which is basically the same as asking, “Who are you?” “What are you all about?”

So here’s what’s left to conclude about why Bitcoin is rising: This obsession, this desire to engage with altcoins really isn’t about how much they’re worth. It’s about what the cryptocurrency stands for, and how it makes people feel about themselves. In a word: Branding.

The Bitcoin brand, not the currency itself, is driving the value by becoming a part of it’s ideal user’s identity. Becoming part of your ideal user’s identity is a brand longevity asset. It’s a primal psychological reason why Bitcoin is rising. Which is funny when you consider Bitcoin doesn’t have an established corporation or organization that you would typically associate with a brand, but not having an organization IS their brand— Don’t be fooled! Bitcoin has a logo, it has its recognizable colors, it has a definite point of view…It’s 100% a brand, and it’s made a culture out of everyone who doesn’t want to be part of a culture. It’s brilliant.

Bitcoin is branded to the non-conformists, the non-denominational, the tech-savvy futurists, those who defy the status quo and refuse to be contained or controlled by big banking and the guidelines laid out by our current financial system. And that branding is a big part of why Bitcoin is rising. But in reality, the invention of cryptocurrency really isn’t rocking the boat as much as you might think. It’s just a perception. A handbag that costs $15 can technically still do the same job as a handbag that costs $5000, but it’s the way a person self-identifies with that luxury brand that drives the perceived value through the roof.

Billionaire Mark Cuban recently told Forbes, “Bitcoin is more religion than a solution to any problem.” It’s funny! Sorry, all you wild, aloof rebels! Counter-culture is still a culture. You joined the club. And try as we might—we cannot escape our human nature: Our innate desire to belong.

So as a special gift to you, and your badass disruptor brand’s ascension towards creating an obsession in your ideal individuals, I’ve identified the top 3 fundamental aspects of what is REALLY driving this cryptocurrency craze. Why is Bitcoin rising? It’s called: The Belonging Principle and I hope you’ll watch the full episode to learn these 3 amazing branding secrets for yourself!

Thank you so much for joining me today, you badass disruptor Entrepreneurs! It’s such a pleasure to bring you these insights into the REAL reason why Bitcoin is rising, and I love knowing that you are on a mission to make the world a better place even if you have to turn a few things upside down along the way! If you like this episode be sure to subscribe because I release these masterclasses every Tuesday and Thursday, and don’t forget to RSVP to my webinar by clicking the link in the description below! It’s packed full of freebies, and I don’t want you to miss out. And as always remember to Love What You Do, And Love How You Do It.